What You Should Know About Sewer System Design and Sanitary Sewer Design Guidelines

Posted by Hogan Land Services on Jul 24, 2018 9:40:01 AM

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If you find yourself in need of a new septic system design or have been told that you need an upgrade or repair to your existing system, our team at Hogan Land Services can help you. Before performing repairs or constructing a new system, there are some regulations you will need to abide by. Being aware of, and following these guidelines will avoid compliance issues, and save you from the possibility of having to redo your system to meet the relevant standards. It is better to comply with guidelines and standards up front and get your system right the first time rather than require repairs or upgrades later on. In this blog post, we have outlined some of the guidelines you are most likely to encounter in the sanitary sewer design process.

Repairing an Existing System

If you are repairing or otherwise updating an existing sanitary sewer system, the first step will be a site visit to assess the current system. This may require the attendance of the local permitting agency where they will determine if a permit is necessary. Hogan Land Services can prepare this application on your behalf, as well as meet with the agency on site to review the existing system. From there, we can work with the agency personnel to agree on appropriate repairs to the current system.


Designing a Brand-New System


Hogan Land Services can also design a brand-new septic system for your property. This process typically includes three main steps: testing, design, and installation.

The testing process includes percolation testing or perc testing. Perc testing is intended to determine the water absorption rate of the soil. The soil’s capacity for absorption or percolation could limit the size of the eventual sewer system, along with specific other design factors. Hogan Land Services will test your proposed site to multiple depths, to ensure maximum capacity potential and full system options.

The design process begins if/when the agency issues sewage disposal criteria for your property. These criteria indicate that they have determined your proposed site viable for a new septic system installation. However, the requirements will also include numerous stipulations that you must meet to have a legally compliant system. Hogan Land Services will design your sewage disposal system based on these criteria.

Should additional testing or modifications to the initial installation be necessary for your project, we will proceed under a separate authorization from you. Whatever the case, you can expect  thorough, professional service from our team at Hogan Land Services throughout the septic system planning phase, from test results to design features, agency correspondence, and final inspections.